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Fantasy World Games, is your destination for premium action figure upgrades, accessories, and miniatures. Our collection includes a wide range of quality head sculpts, weapons, armor, and accessories for McFarlane Toys, G.I. Joe Classified Series, and others. Join us in our mission to help you create your very own custom figures.

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1:12 Scale McFarlane Toys - Heads / Helmets

Our 1:12th McFarlane Scale helmets and head-swaps are the ultimate choice for McFarlane Toys 7" space marine, guard, or chaos marine collectible action figure models, guaranteeing a distinctive and unparalleled appearance.

1:12 Scale McFarlane Toys - Insignias / Decals

Do you hate decals? …or don't have the painting skills to accurately recreate your armies custom detailed logo? Then these bits are for you. Simply glue to any of your models to provide a raised emblem that makes painting easy and ensures a consistent and uniform appearance. We have products for any flat or curved surfaces of any size.

1:12 Scale McFarlane Toys - Weapons

Whether you need to wade into battle with close combat or ranged weapons these 1:12th Scale 3D models of guns or bladed weapons are for action figures, kitbashing, or prop toys and have no real functionality as weapons. They are intended for collectible action figure armies.

1:12 Scale McFarlane Toys - Accessories

1:12 Scale Accessories for McFarlane Toys Action Figures - Glue these custom parts (bits) to any of your models, kitbashing to your heart's content. The raised details on your parts will make painting easy, ensuring a consistent and uniform appearance throughout your collection.

28mm - 32mm Scale Miniatures & Accesories

An amazing assortment of Sci-fi and Historic resin war-gaming miniatures for the wargamer, painter & collector.

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Statues & Busts

We offer beautifully detailed, resin and PLA action figure upgrades, parts, terrain, miniatures, and accessories for McFarlane Toys, G.I.Joe Classified Series, STAR WARS The Vintage Collection, and STAR WARS The Black Series.

All of our products are manufactured and when requested expertly hand-painted in the USA