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Shoulder Pad MKIV with Molecular Bonding Studs: Gen: 4 Pauldron with Rivets for McFarlane Toys Marines

Shoulder Pad MKIV with Molecular Bonding Studs: Gen: 4 Pauldron with Rivets for McFarlane Toys Marines

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The  Shoulder Pad Gen: 4 Pauldron is inspired to represent the Mark IV: Imperial Maximus armor. Our customers find these bits work exceptionally well with their McFarlane Toys Space Marines*, both current and Heresy era. These pauldrons are designed to fit 7" scale action figures from your favorite tabletop wargame.

This resin replacement shoulder pad is not painted, each pauldron has a custom-designed, raised emblem on it which makes painting easy and ensures a consistent, uniform appearance for your McFarlane Space Marine* action figure (sold separately).

Product Information: 

  • Qty: One (1) MKIV Shoulder Pad with Molecular Bonding Studs
  • Height: 35.11mm
  • Design: Gen: 4 Pauldron with Molecular Bonding Rivets
  • Classification: Shoulder Pad

Product Features:

  • 1:12 Scale, height approximately 35mm.
  • Made of upgraded resin for greater toughness.

Add some of our custom close-combat weapons and your figure is ready for battle. Perfect for customizing your super-human army or for customizing corpses at the feet of your soldiers!

Your parts will not be primed or painted and will usually be delivered in a standard grey color, however, sometimes the color may vary as we expect that the customer will prime the model.

Resin printing is naturally an imperfect creation process, some layer lines or small support marks may be visible due to the nature of printing, however, these will be easily covered with primer. In most cases, support blemishes will be kept to hidden parts of the model.

*NOTE: Fantasy World Games is not affiliated with Games Workshop Group PLC or its affiliates.  This product is not designed, manufactured, licensed or approved by Games Workshop Group PLC. It is not intended to include or infringe any intellectual property rights of Games Workshop Group PLC.  Please see our full Terms of Service for more information.

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