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The Mando - P1 Blaster Forward - Bounty Hunter Star Wars Legion Compatible

The Mando - P1 Blaster Forward - Bounty Hunter Star Wars Legion Compatible

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The Mando Pose 01 IB-94 Blaster Forward, Bounty Hunter miniature is compatible with the Star Wars Legion* tabletop miniature game.

You will find this miniature is perfect for Wargaming, Table Top RPGs, or Dioramas! This figure is in the SW Legion Scale (roughly 1.5 inches tall, 38-40mm), but may have differing proportions based on the designer’s style and preference.

The Mando or Din Djarin Orphaned as a young child, Din Djarin was adopted into the Mandalorian culture and became a bounty hunter and warrior, taking the title of his people as a sobriquet. Originally hired to capture Grogu, an alien infant also known as "The Child", the Mandalorian instead protects him from a remnant of the fallen Galactic Empire, and becomes a father figure for him.

The Mandalorian's gun is based on the Bergmann 1896 semi-auto pistol, a German pistol designed by Louis Schmeisser, father of Hugo Schmeisser who developed the StG-44.

Product Information:

  • Qty: One (1) The Mando - P1 Forward Blaster - Bounty Hunter
  • Height: 39.82 mm
  • Design: The Mando - P1 IB-94 Blaster Forward - Bounty Hunter
  • Classification: Miniature - Bounty Hunter

Product Features:

  • These figures are in SW Legion Scale.
  • 35mm in height from toe to eye
  • Tuned to seamlessly blend with existing miniatures.
  • Made of upgraded resin for greater toughness.

You can use super glue to adhere these miniatures to their bases.

Our models are not primed or painted and will usually be delivered in a standard grey color, however, sometimes the color may vary as we expect that the model will be primed by the customer.

Originally Designed by Velrock, modified by Fantasy World Games.

These items are made with high quality resin; however, they are still breakable! These figures feature thin elements and could be broken if mistreated. Please handle with care.

Resin printing is naturally an imperfect creation process, some layer lines or small support marks may be visible due to the nature of printing, however, these will be easily covered with primer. In most cases, support blemishes will be kept to hidden parts of the model.

*NOTE: Fantasy World Games is not affiliated and it is not endorsed by Star Wars, Disney, Lucasarts, or Asmodee and is completely unofficial.

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