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Han Solo in Carbonite

Han Solo in Carbonite

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Han Solo in Carbonite
The notorius smuggler frozen, just moments after his affectionate parting words, "I know," in The Empire Strikes Back.

  • Exceptional detail
  • Tuned to seamlessly blend with existing miniatures

You can use super glue to adhere these miniatures to their bases.

Our models are not primed or painted and will usually be delivered in a standard grey color, however, sometimes the color may vary as we expect that the model will be primed by the customer.

These items are made with high-quality resin; however, they are still breakable! These figures feature thin elements and could be broken if mistreated. Please handle it with care.

Resin printing is naturally an imperfect creation process, some layer lines or small support marks may be visible due to the nature of printing, however, these will be easily covered with primer. In most cases, support blemishes will be kept to hidden parts of the model.

*NOTE: Fantasy World Games is not affiliated and it is not endorsed by Star Wars, Disney, Lucasarts, or Asmodee and is completely unofficial.

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