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Paint Pot Holder for Citadel Paints - Inquisition Skulls

Paint Pot Holder for Citadel Paints - Inquisition Skulls

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Say no to knocked over nuln oil! The Inquisition Skulls custom 3D Printed Paint Pot Holder provides stability and support to nurture your GW** Citadel* Colours paint or wash to the very last drop.

Quantity One (1) - Inquisition Skulls Paint Pot Holder

Paint Pot Organizer Features:

Designed to fit all GW Citadel 12Ml paint pot sizes (including the new 18Ml Contrast pot size), you can now paint stress free, knowing your wash is safe and secure. The modular shape designed by the Cult Mechanicus and blessed by the Omnissiah allows offers protection for all your painting projects.

Paint Pot Holder Hole Dimensions: 1.25" x 1.25" (31.75mm x 31.75)

Dimensions: 7/8" High - Diameter Roughly 2 3/4"

NOT Painted - These custom parts are designed, 3D printed and 100% handmade in the US! 3D Printed

Select your Paint Pot Holder Color, let me know if there is a color you are looking for I might have it.

The items are 3d printed with high-quality PLA plastic (as pictured). All items supplied are NOT PAINTED.

What you see is what you get. The pictures are of the actual item.


 *Citadel Paints Acrylic Paints are not included and are for display and reference purposes only.

**NOTE: Fantasy World Games is not affiliated with Games Workshop Group PLC or its affiliates.  This product is not designed, manufactured, licensed, or approved by Games Workshop Group PLC. It is not intended to include or infringe any intellectual property rights of Games Workshop Group PLC.  Please see our full Terms of Service for more information.

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